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A blend of natural herbs handpicked and approved by pharmacist to treat face acne. Puberty, stress, hormonal and cystic acne and rosacea. quick result usually in two days. Suitable for all type of skin and ages same formula for the past two decades. Made and approved by pharmacist.

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Flawless Acne Skincare Regimen

What Our Dorctors Say About Our Wounds Care Product

I have referred patient with diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and post operative no healing wounds to Dr. Dov and he consistently provides care that resolves or improves my patients’ wound. I am impressed with the way he works families, teaching the importance of proper wound care at home. My colleagues and I rely heavily on him to assist with the care of some of our most difficult patients.
I have known Dr. Dov for many years. I have been very impressed by Dr Dov’s in complex wound care. He has conducted a wound care clinic her in the hospital for the past 4 years with remarkable numbers of good outcomes, far greater than statistically predicted. I think his expertise in wound care at this point in time is superior to other practitioners in the area.
Willard W.Mosier
Dr. DovI have been asked to submit this letter about the recent use of novel wound treatment developed byyou that has been shown to be a significant step forward in our abilities to salvage acute and chronicwounds at substantially lower cost in supplies, time and medications.As you may already know, wounds are a growing and significant problem in our health care market, andfuture increases in patient numbers and wound prevalence have been predicted to be unmanageableand this product in time to make a significant impact in that struggle .We have seen dramatic salvage of many previously unsalvageable wound that would have led toamputations in the past. In addition the acceleration in healing has been just as dramatic. The productdoes all this with only the use of gauze dressing supplies that are much less costly than other woundcoverings.
James Jerald Floyd
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