How We Started

Dr. Dov is a pharmacist who recognized the need for natural and alternative healthcare options. After years of working in traditional pharmacy, he began to see the limitations of traditional medications and wanted to explore more holistic and natural solutions.
Determined to make a change, our founder started studying traditional herbal medicine and developing his own natural remedies and formulations. Drawing on his expertise as a pharmacist and his knowledge of natural remedies, he was committed to creating products that were safe, effective, and gentle for all skin types and ages.
With a focus on science and tradition, our founder worked tirelessly to research, develop, and refine his natural remedies. He believed that everyone deserved access to safe and natural healthcare options, and he was committed to providing those options to people around the world.
We combine science and tradition to create effective and safe natural remedies. We are proud to offer a range of natural healthcare solutions that are backed by science and have been carefully formulated by our male pharmacist-founder to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.
At our company, we believe in the power of natural remedies to promote healing and improve health and wellness. We are committed to continuing our founder’s mission of providing natural healthcare options to people around the world, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our products are safe, effective, and of the highest quality.