Speed Up the Healing Process with Wound Care Products

Excella Heal is a wound treatment made of herbal ingredients that have their roots in ancient Persian and Chinese medicine.

It promotes fast and effective healing of wounds by stimulating granulation and fibroblast proliferation. 

In addition to its healing abilities, Excella Heal also has anti-inflammatory properties which can provide pain relief, making the healing process more comfortable for the patients.

Excella Heal is non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals and safe to use. Excella heal is easy to apply, it’s simple and straightforward application process does not require any special skills or training. 

Developed after twenty years of investigations by a clinical pharmacist, Excella Heal had been used by several general surgeons in wound, orthopedic and plastic surgery clinics, earning strong clinical support.

Excella heal is a versatile wound product, able to treat many different types of wounds. It provides fast, effective and comfortable healing, while being safe, easy to use and affordable.

Benefits of Wound Care
• Nontoxic
• Non-allergenic
• No chemicals
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Prevent and disrupt biofilms
• No keloid
• No epiboly
• Fibroblast profligatory
• Granulation promotor
• Stringent to slow discharge
• Right pH
• No animal cruelty Animal clinic tested
• Formulated by a pharmacist
• Veterinarian approved


It usually takes 1 to 6 weeks to heal in more extensive wounds because infections can make the wound larger and impede the healing process. However, the healing process is not always a straightforward one, and it can get complicated. We offer products to speed up healing and help you avoid unfortunate scenarios. One of these products is not just for humans but animals too!

Here are some of the products that we offer:

Wound Care

Wound Care is a product designed to help you heal and recover faster. It provides a bandage for the skin over open wounds and surgical sites. With time, the damage will scab over (heal) with this product preventing further infections or complications from occurring. It naturally speeds up the healing process by creating new tissue to speed up wound recovery. With the power to heal for only $74.95, this product supports the body in repairing and recovering from metabolic disease, bedridden effects, and surgical sites.

Excella Heal Fast Wound Care

This product can help you heal faster without needing constant doctor visits. It has relieved thousands of patients who were fed up with the pain, humiliation, and inconvenience of constantly seeing a doctor for their wounds or preventative care. You can expect a quality product for a reasonable price of $39.95. Excella Heal is used to repair and recovering skin damage from metabolic diseases, bedridden effects, and surgical sites. After extensive testing by wound clinics and plastic surgeons, it was proven to disrupt and prevent biofilm, which scabs over a wound to prevent further infection.

It is made of all-natural herbal products, drawing on Persian and ancient Chinese medicine. The easy application and high success rate enable patients to return to normal life quickly and avoid constant doctor’s office visits.

Excella Heal was tested on both human and animal trials. To apply this product, wash and dry the wound first. Then apply nickel-sized amounts of Excella Heal on it. Cover it with moist gauze and two layers of dry gauze on the wet gauze. Wrap it lightly, and change the dressing every three days.



Pet Wound Care

Pets get wounds too. A lot of them do. An estimated 40% of pets that come into veterinary hospitals have at least one injury—and that’s just the ones who are lucky enough to make it that far. It’s not always clear what causes a pet’s wounds: they can result from fights with other animals or causes like burns, cuts, and bites. But no matter how they got there, your dog’s wounds need immediate treatment before they get infected or worse. Luckily, with just $39.95, you can check out this product, and it is effortless to apply since it comes in a spray bottle that allows you to spray directly on your dog’s wound without touching or getting close enough for them to bite you. It also works well with more extensive injuries, like when your dog fights with another animal or runs into something sharp like barbed wire or thorns from a bush.



We believe in the power of natural, non-toxic ingredients to heal. That’s why we’ve created wound care products. A wound care solution free of allergenic chemicals has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is even biofilm preventative. This product is safe for pets and humans with allergies and sensitive skin. It’s also great for those who have undergone surgery or other traumatic injuries and need to speed up the healing process. We have a wide range of products for all ailments, from bacterial and fungal infections to inflammation.

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