excellaheal wound care

James Jerald Floyd MD
Dr. Dov I have been asked to submit this letter about the recent use of novel wound treatment developed
by you that has been shown to be a significant step forward in our abilities to salvage acute and chronic
wounds at substantially lower cost in supplies, time and medications.As you may already know, wounds
are a growing and significant problem in our health care market, and future increases in patient numbers
and wound prevalence have been predicted to be unmanageable and this product in time to make a
significant impact in that struggle .We have seen dramatic salvage of many previously unsalvageable
wound that would have led to amputations in the past. In addition the acceleration in healing has been
just as dramatic. The product does all this with only the use of gauze dressing supplies that are much less
costly than other wound coverings.


Claude M. Lovvorn
As a patient in your hospital, I was given the opportunity to participate in a wound care program under
the care of Dr Dov. I very much appreciate this opportunity. I only wish we could have started the
treatment earlier in my stay as it might have shortened my length of recuperation. I would like to take
this time to tell you how much I also appreciate him. His care and concern for me was evident in all visit
and treatment of me as a person, as well as program participant. I hope his program help others in their
treatment and healing.

John Mccombs
Last month, I was admitted to hospital. My foot was so infected and I became septic. I almost lost my life
as well as my foot. I had three procedures and then was introduced to Dr Dov wound care program.
Treatment was quite a success, thus far. I am pleased and thankful for the results. I definitely feel my
foot would not have healed as quickly without his effort.
Cynthia Cunningham RN, CWON
I am a board certified wound ostomy nurse working in wound care for over 15 years. I had worked with
Dr Dov for four years in a wound care clinic. Dr. Dov developed a method that has aided in cutting down
readmission rates in the hospital.

George Shaw
I have been involved in Dr Dov’s wound study for five weeks and have excellent success with my injury
on my foot. I hope Dr Dov continues his wound care program for some time to come.
Willard W.Mosier MD, FACP,FCCP
I have known Dr. Dov for many years. I have been very impressed by Dr Dov’s in complex wound care.
He has conducted a wound care clinic her in the hospital for the past 4 years with remarkable numbers
of good outcomes, far greater than statistically predicted. I think his expertise in wound care at this
point in time is superior to other practitioners in the area.

J. M MD.
I have referred patient with diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and post operative no healing wounds
to Dr. Dov and he consistently provides care that resolves or improves my patients’ wound. I am
impressed with the way he works families, teaching the importance of proper wound care at home. My
colleagues and I rely heavily on him to assist with the care of some of our most difficult patients.
Jerome Evans
Naomi Evans
We are writing this letter to tell you how delighted we are with the outcome of the wound care
treatment you provided to Jerome Evans. It was nothing short of miracle in our view. we had been
struggling with this wound for several months with little success. Your care brought visible healing in
less than a week. We are true believers in your method and wish your continued practice much success.
Thank you very much. You have truly been a blessing to us

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